• To go fast on the slides, lie down on your back, cross your legs at the ankles, cross your arms on your chest and ride down on your shoulders and heels

• To go slower, ride sitting up

• T-shirts will slow you down when riding the slides. If you choose to wear one and wish to go faster just roll up your shirt so it does not drag.

• Wear sunscreen and drink lots of water (but not pool water) to protect yourself from burns and heat stroke.

• The slides will not be stopped to locate personal belongings (watches, glasses, earrings, jewelry) so it is best to leave these things in your locker.

• Tubes, where needed, are provided by us at no extra charge and when riding on a tube ensure that you hold the handles and keep your bum up off the slide.

• When planning your day, plan to arrive early and head for the tube slide first, in order to ensure maximum sliding time.

*** Don’t forget, all slides will be used by more then 1 person at a time. Ensure that you clear yourself away from the end of the slide promptly upon finishing the ride***