SPLASH DOWN WATERPARK wishes to encourage a family atmosphere. Therefore, we have established the following policies that will ensure our customers have an enjoyable and safe experience from their visit to our facility.


For your maximum safety and enjoyment while visiting our waterpark, please keep the following guidelines & policies in mind. Parents, please review guidelines and policies with your children. At Splash Down we spare no expense to create a safe environment for your family.

+ Please obey our Redcross Certified Lifeguards at all times. They are staffed so that you may experience our rides to the utmost enjoyment while remaining safe.

+ Please read the rules! Our water park has a general set of security regulations for you to follow.

+ Read posted rules with your children to make sure they understand and know how to apply them while enjoying the water park.

+ Obey the posted rules on how to sit or lie on each particular slide in order to safely enjoy the water park.

+ Watch your children and ensure they are on appropriate water rides for their body weight and height.

+ There is a First Aid station on the grounds of the water park.

+ Remember to wear sunscreen-reapply every 2 hours with a minimum of 30 SPF.

+ Keep Hydrated! Drink at least half a cup of water every half hour to an hour-and make sure your kids do too!



1.1. Appropriate swimwear required. (NO full body wetsuits, thong swimwear, -or- swimwear with metal objects) 

1.2. NO alcoholic beverages or drugs allowed on premises. 

1.3. Barbeques allowed on premises in barbeque area only.

1.4. NO intolerable or offensive language or behavior will be permitted on premises.

1.5. NO persons allowed in pools, or on slides with open wounds.

1.6. Life jackets are REQUIRED for small children and weak or non swimmers.

1.7. An adult MUST accompany children under 8 years of age at all times.



2.1. Rides are for SINGLE riders only, WITH the exception of adults with small children and the tube ride. 

2.2. Sliders are NOT to proceed down a slide until a staff member signals them to.

2.3. ALL body slides MUST be ridden feet first, either by sitting or lying down.

2.4. Tubes MUST be ridden sitting only, facing forward, with one person per tube hole.

2.5. Height restrictions apply to many of the rides in the park due to manufacturer’s guidelines.

2.6. There ARE inherent risks in water sliding (ex. drowning and collisions) - ALL patrons use all park facilities at their own risk.

2.7. Slides carry a maximum weight limit of 300lbs per slider



3.1. Bags, coolers, and belongings may be checked upon entrance to the park.

3.2. Management is not held responsible for loss of jewelry, keys, glasses, etc. (Slides will not be stopped to located missing articles.)

3.3. Lockers with lost keys will not be opened until the end of business hours. 

3.4. In the event of lightning, we will shut down all the slides and require patrons to remain out of the water until it is safe to return.

3.5. In the event of a power outage, a systematic shut down of the park will occur.

3.6. All slide lineups will close prior to park closing time.

3.7. Procedures are in place for water testing & quality control. In the event of a safety concern, a pool shutdown may occur. In concern for the safety of our patrons we are now conducting thorough bag and cooler checks upon entrance to the park. The following items are not permitted: 

• No Alcohol or Drugs
• No Glass or Sharp Objects
• No Open Drink Containers (Containers Must be Sealed)

Should these items be brought into the park they will be confiscated or emptied. We thank you for your cooperation with this process. Management reserves the right to refuse admittance and service to anyone. Management and staff will enforce the rules and park policies where they see fit. Anyone who does not follow slide rules or this park policy is in breech of conduct and may be asked to leave the premises.

Splash Down Water Park has a NO refund policy. We will NOT refund admissions under any circumstances.


***To view the complete park policy, please ask at the admissions booth***