Water Wars is a game or competition! Opponents go to opposing battle stations with buckets of water balloons. Each battle station has a water balloon launcher. Place a balloon in the launcher, pull down on the handle, aim, and fire! Your balloon soars high through the air and comes crashing down on your opponent's battle station. There are strategically placed slots and holes in the structure that allows the water to come through. You might get sprinkled, sprayed, or soaked, but watch out, retaliation comes quickly...!


Have a need for speed? To celebrate our 25th anniversary, we added a brand new attraction that is sure to thrill. You'll compete against friends to see who can fretful down six stories the fastest! After splashing into the catch trough, check the Splash Down radar gun to see just how fast you went!



Blast down a four story zooming' flume then take a high velocity vortex into the cool waters below! This 1 or 2 person bowl ride is the newest in slide design and technology & the first of it's kind in WA!!


With their unexpected loops, droops and embankments, these (4) 400' long body slides are sure to provide thrills and chills to sliders of all ages... WOW!


Petey's lil' Puffer Fish Lagoon

Being a little puffer fish does have it's advantages. With 3 pools and 4 kiddie slides, your little ones will be safely entertained for hours. Check out Petey's favorite place to cool off!



Splash Down's infamous Big Squirt filling station! Guests can purchase their own "Big Squirt" water toy at the "Big Squirt Streetcar" or in "Petey's Surf & Sweet Shop." Guests will have hours of fun squirting their friends with the coolest toy at Splash Down!

Petey's Surf & Sweet Shop

Looking for the perfect something? Slide into Petey's Surf & Sweet Shop for Adult and Children's swimwear, treats, toys and more!


Never hassle with cash again! No more soggy money at Splash Down!

Purchase a Splash Cash wristband, in $5.00 increments, and you'll have spending power at Barefoot Grill and Petey's Surf & Sweet Shop. Splash Cash is the perfect solution for everyone - kids and adults. It eliminates chances or your kids losing their money or spending too much. Instead of giving them cash to take to the park, put Splash Money on a wristband or their season pass. What you don't use we'll refund at the end of the day!